Just in case you feel safe with Twitter

Just got a press release by email from David Rosen (@firstpersonpol) of the Public Citizen press office. The headline says “Historic Grindr Fine Shows Need for FTC Enforcement Action.” The same release is also a post in the news section of the Public Citizen website. This is it: WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Norwegian Data Protection Agency today fined Grindr $11.7 million following… Continue reading Just in case you feel safe with Twitter

The Only Way Customers Come First

— is by proffering terms of their own. That’s what will happen when sites and services click “accept” to your terms, rather than the reverse. The role you play here is what lawyers call the first party. Sites and services that agree to your terms are second parties. As a first party, you get scale across all the sites and… Continue reading The Only Way Customers Come First

Time for THEM to agree to OUR terms

Try to guess how many times, in the course of your life in the digital world, have “agreed” to terms like these: Hundreds? Thousands? (Feels like) millions? Look at the number of login/password combinations remembered by your browser. That’ll be a fraction of the true total. Now think about what might happen if we could turn these things around.… Continue reading Time for THEM to agree to OUR terms

Giving Customers Scale

Customers need scale. Scale is leverage. A way to get lift. Big business gets scale by aggregating resources, production methods, delivery services — and, especially, customers: you, me and billions of others without whom business would not exist. Big business is heavy by nature. That’s why we use mass as an adjective for much of what big… Continue reading Giving Customers Scale

Privacy is an Inside Job

Start here: clothing and shelter are privacy technologies. We use them to create secluded spaces for ourselves. Spaces we control. Our ancestors have been wearing clothing for at least 170,000 years and building shelters for at least half a million years. So we’ve had some time to work out what privacy means. Yes, it differs among cultures and settings,… Continue reading Privacy is an Inside Job

Personal Information Economy 2015 – London

The Personal Information Economy 2015 conference is coming up! From the event page: As a new digital age unfolds brands have a make-or-break strategic opportunity to place their customer relationships on a powerful new footing. The opportunity: to work with customers to create new ‘Me2B’ services that empower them with data and help them use… Continue reading Personal Information Economy 2015 – London

The Personal Data Eco-system

Post from 2009 reposted here to facilitate further discussion. At the VRM workshop, we discussed the need for the concept of the Personal Data Store, what it would do in practice, and what that will ultimately enable. Why we need such things – because individuals have a complex need to manage personal information over a… Continue reading The Personal Data Eco-system

Death to marketing clichés

Here are a few I’ve tweeted just in the last few minutes: Message to #marketing: There are no “brands I love”. There are lots I like, or respect, but none I love. Why should anybody? Really. #vrm— Doc Searls (@dsearls) September 22, 2014 Message to #marketing: Loyalty programs are coercive. If you want customers to… Continue reading Death to marketing clichés