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Improving your Web Pal

Google recently made some changes in Chrome that required changes in the Customer Commons Web Pal. Our good friends at Emmett Global have completed most of those changes, which you’ll see in by going into Window -> Extensions, and clicking on the “Enable” box next to “Customer Commons Web Pal.”

The layout on your Web Pal start page (where you are when you open a new page or tab) is still going through some changes. So bear with us as we work those out. We’ll also put up an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions list) explaining some of the changes and new capabilities.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for some exciting news about what we’ll be doing at Customer Commons over the coming months.

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A New Gossip Tool That Keeps Fake Tipsters Away, But Guards Anonymity

Let your voice be “Heard”.
Now you can do it anonymously!

Someone just said something on the internet, and you know they’re wrong.

You know because you’re an expert on the subject this bozo is spewing nonsense about. But, at the same time, you don’t want to post a response under your own name. Maybe you have an opinion that would make you unpopular with your family or colleagues. Or maybe you have a stalker and don’t want to tip them off about the sites you use. Regardless of your reasons, you’re left with a choice: either you post anonymously, which means no one will know what your credentials are, or use your real name and risk the real-world consequences.
Read more: http://www.wired.com/2014/09/heard/
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Android Browser flaw a “privacy disaster” for half of Android users

Potentially any site visited with the Android browser could be stealing sensitive data. It’s a bug that needs fixing, and fast!

A bug quietly reported on September 1 appears to have grave implications for Android users. Android Browser, the open source, WebKit-based browser that used to be part of the Android Open Source Platform (AOSP), has a flaw that enables malicious sites to inject JavaScript into other sites. Those malicious JavaScripts can in turn read cookies and password fields, submit forms, grab keyboard input, or do practically anything else.
Read more: http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/09/android-browser-flaw-a-privacy-disaster-for-half-of-android-users/
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Tim Cook to discuss Apple Watch privacy concerns in the wake of iCloud scandal

Apple watch looks great, but will it protect your personal data?
apple watch hands on 7
Connecticut Attorney State General George Jepsen has called Apple CEO Tim Cook to a meeting, where the new Apple Watch will be the topic of conversation. No, Jepson isn’t hoping to score an early model (so far as we know), but wants to grill Cook over how our privacy will be protected when using the Watch to collect health and location data.
Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/apple-watch-privacy-worries
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WikiLeaks: NSW police have used hi-tech spyware to monitor Australians

Information that should be privileged, including communications with a lawyer, is almost certainly being captured, and it’s deeply troubling.

The New South Wales police have used sophisticated hacking software to monitor the phones and computers of Australians, according to documents published by WikiLeaks.
In a new cache published on Monday NSW police are listed as a client of Gamma International, a German company that develops powerful spyware to remotely monitor computer use.
Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/sep/15/wikileaks-nsw-police-have-used-hi-tech-spyware-to-monitor-australians
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Feds seeking customer data threatened Yahoo with big fines

Yahoo was forced to turn over personal data to Feds.
The newly released court documents show that Yahoo was forced to comply with the order to turn over customer data even though the government and the appeals court had yet to set out clear rules to minimize the amount of data collected from Americans.

The federal government was so determined to collect the Internet communications of foreign Yahoo customers in 2008 that it threatened the company with fines of $250,000 a day if it did not immediately comply with a secret court order to turn over the data.
Read more:  http://seattletimes.com/html/nationworld/2024518354_yahoofinexml.html

The self-styled ‘cyber warrior’ who spread hacked photos of naked celebrities viewed 250m times by Reddit users – and is now complaining HIS privacy has been invaded

Man who posted naked celebrity pictures on Reddit is now complaining about his Privacy being invaded!

'I've done nothing wrong': Meneses defended his role in spreading the hacked pictures of celebrities clicked on an 250m times on Reddit through The Fappening sub-Reddit that he started

The man who broadcast dozens of stolen celebrity nude photos to hundreds of millions of people around the world told MailOnline: ‘If people want to call me a hero or a cyber warrior then I’m not going to stop them’.

John Randall Meneses, from Las Vegas, said ‘I’ve done nothing wrong’, despite his role in spreading the extremely graphic and personal stolen pictures of 101 celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2750688/Pictured-The-self-styled-cyber-warrior-spread-hacked-photos-naked-celebrities-250m-Reddit-users-complains-HIS-privacy-invaded.html
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Google Chrome is to blame for a massive increase in online ad blocking

Ad blocking is going mainstream!
Google Chrome is to blame for a massive increase in online ad blocking
A shocking new report looking at online advertising shows that there has been a huge increase in the number of internet users making use of ad blocking tools. The report describes ad blocking as having gone mainstream, but it also suggests that the loss of ad revenue threatens the life of many websites.
Read more: http://betanews.com/2014/09/09/google-chrome-is-to-blame-for-a-massive-increase-in-online-ad-blocking/

Personal data stores found leaking online

When you keep your personal data on someone else’s server security and privacy will always be a problem.
Get your own Personal Cloud today at www.respectnetwork.com!
Photo folder
Thousands of Britons could be inadvertently sharing their digital secrets with anyone who knows where to click, suggests a BBC investigation.
At risk are photographs, home videos and music collections as well as scans of documents such as passports, tax forms and other sources of personal data. In some cases, back-up files are being made available that, if downloaded and restored, could let attackers take over a victim’s online life.
Read more: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-28707117
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Celebrity photos leak: Lib Dems pledge a digital bill of rights to protect privacy in its election manifesto

A digital “Bill of Rights” is needed to protect people’s privacy and give them more control over their personal data.

he Liberal Democrats will pledge a crackdown on intimate images of people being posted online without their consent as part of the party’s pre-election manifesto tomorrow.
Julian Huppert, the Lib Dem home affairs spokesman, said a digital bill of rights was “even more necessary” after nude photographs of many celebrities, including the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and the model Kelly Brook, were stolen and then published on the internet.
The Lib Dems believe a digital bill of rights is needed to protect people’s privacy and give them more control over their personal data.
Read more: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/lib-dems-pledge-a-digital-bill-of-rights-to-protect-privacy-in-its-election-manifesto-9716592.html
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What Makes People Worry About Their Privacy Online

The answers might surprise you!
Despite the recent leak of various celebrities’ nude photos that has dominated the news cycle for much of the week, people care about online privacy, but simply choose to do nothing about it. But when they really care about online privacy, however, it’s usually about one or two things: Online banking and online shopping.
Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/chart-of-the-day-what-makes-people-worry-about-online-privacy-2014-9