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Improving your Web Pal

Google recently made some changes in Chrome that required changes in the Customer Commons Web Pal. Our good friends at Emmett Global have completed most of those changes, which you’ll see in by going into Window -> Extensions, and clicking on the “Enable” box next to “Customer Commons Web Pal.”

The layout on your Web Pal start page (where you are when you open a new page or tab) is still going through some changes. So bear with us as we work those out. We’ll also put up an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions list) explaining some of the changes and new capabilities.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for some exciting news about what we’ll be doing at Customer Commons over the coming months.

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Ello founder Paul Budnitz: America is a ‘car crash’ on privacy

“Americans have a healthy stupidity. That lack of sophistication is a secret superpower,”- Paul Budnitz, founder of ElloSupporters cast shadows on a US flag as they cheer for John McCain at a campaign rally in Pottsville, Pennsylvania
The boss of Facebook’s newest rival tells Katherine Rushton why the time is right for a social network which does not manipulate its users.
“Those social networks used to be fun but they became cluttered and full of ads,” Budnitz says. “I couldn’t find my friends through all these sponsored posts. It’s like us having this conversation and an ad popping up every 30 seconds or so. It feels violating, right?”
He also worried that Facebook was collecting so much data, constructing a persona based on small nuggets of information revealed though every interaction on the network. In his case, though, it was off beam: “For some reason Facebook started to think I am this middle-aged woman. I was getting ads for pumps and woman’s underwear and the whole thing.”
Read more: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/11170358/Ello-founder-Paul-Budnitz-America-is-a-car-crash-on-privacy.html
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Has our right to privacy been forgotten?

Do we really have the “Right to be Forgotten”?

Has our right to privacy been forgotten? It sometimes seems so. Theresa May and other authoritarians seem to want to ensure that everything is remembered, whilst Google often seem aggrieved that it should be possible for anything to be forgotten. Our privacy – our privacy rights – seem to be the only thing that is forgotten.
Read more: http://www.techradar.com/news/internet/has-our-right-to-privacy-been-forgotten–1269704#null
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Use Tinfoil for Facebook to protect your privacy on Android

Attention Android users;
Great new app helps protect your Privacy on Facebook!

The Facebook app and its Messenger counterpart have been met with a lot of criticism from users. Among the reviews, you’ll find complaints about permission settings and the lack of features in each app when compared to the mobile Web UI.
As an alternative to these apps, a recent post on Lifehacker recommends that you check out Tinfoil for Facebook.
Read more: http://www.cnet.com/how-to/use-tinfoil-for-facebook-to-protect-your-privacy-on-android/
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Keeping your digital life safe in the age of surveillance

There’s a growing arsenal of affordable tools to help protect your privacy both digitally and physically.

Like it or not, people are after your data. Whether it’s for advertising, national security or other nefarious purposes, you’re leaving a trail of digital breadcrumbs for anyone to follow. But there’s a growing arsenal of affordable tools to help protect your privacy both digitally and physically. In this week’s Rewind, we take a look at this age of surveillance and some of the more approachable gadgets designed to help fight back against prying eyes.
Read more: http://www.engadget.com/2014/10/12/keeping-your-digital-life-safe-in-the-age-of-surveillance/
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You are not your browser history

Great new tool reveals who you appear to be based on your browsing history.
Try it and see who you appear to be, you might be surprised!

I’m a 26 year-old from Montreal, a 27 year-old in Vegas, and a retiree with a penchant for photography. Mostly I’m unemployed. I’m a gamer, a fashionista, an occasional beer drinker, and a dog owner. I graduated from a community college, I like to travel, and I wear glasses. Also, I might be Jewish.
Last week, I paid ten strangers five dollars to write character studies of me based on the advertisements that show up in my web browser.
Read more: https://medium.com/@blprnt/you-are-not-your-browser-history-cdff623a3b24
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AT&T Apologizes For Recent Customer Data Breach

AT&T employee improperly accessed customer account information!
att outside logo sign
Uh-oh, some bad news for AT&T customers. It seems that the carrier has recently experienced a data breach of sorts and before you panic and think that it could be the work of hackers, it turns out that it was due to one of AT&T’s employees who had improperly accessed account information for a limited number of customers.
Read more: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2014/10/att-apologizes-for-recent-customer-data-breach/
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COWL Web Privacy System Promises Safer Surfing

New web Privacy system could revolutionize the safety of surfing!
A team of engineers have built a new system that protects Internet users’ privacy while increasing the flexibility for web developers to build web applications that combine data from different web sites, dramatically improving the safety of surfing the web.
Read more: http://www.science20.com/news_articles/cowl_web_privacy_system_promises_safer_surfing-146297

When the cookies crumbled, so did your web anonymity

The scale of tracking is staggering, and it’s now done in real time!

A new generation of invisible tracker has replaced the traditional internet cookie – and it knows everything about you.

The old adage “if the service is free, then you are its product” needs updating. What it signified was that web services (like Facebook, Google, Yahoo et al) that do not charge users make their money by harvesting personal and behavioural data relating to those users and selling that data to advertisers. That’s still true, of course. But a more accurate version of the adage would now read something like this: if you use the web foranything (including paying for stuff) then you are also the product, because your data is being sold on to third parties without your knowledge.
Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/oct/05/cookies-crumbled-internet-anonymity
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Today’s Police Put On a Gun and a Camera

The rising use of police cameras has raised many Privacy concerns.
Where do you stand on this issue?
Pullman police officer Heidi Lambley, wearing a camera above her right ear which records video and audio, talks with Kolbe Lasher during a traffic stop in which she warned him for a seat belt violation, in Pullman, Wash., Sept. 21, 2014. With citizens’ videos of confrontations with the law proliferating, more police agencies are equipping officers to record their version of events. (Rajah Bose/The New York Times)
Amateur videos of police officers doing their jobs have become part of the fabric of urban democracy, with embarrassing or violent images spreading via social media in minutes.
But more police agencies, especially after the unrest following an unarmed teenager’s shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, are recording events with small body-mounted cameras.
Read more: http://www.boston.com/business/technology/2014/09/28/today-police-put-gun-and-camera/aS8zGQsHZYUHFITxGnkAWO/story.html
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How free public Wi-Fi networks could be stealing your private data

Think twice before connecting to unknown public hotspots!
F-Secure demonstrates how unsecure free Wi-Fi networks could be a trap to steal your data
Finn Steglich, an IT security consultant, set up a free Wi-Fi hotspot in Canary Wharf and Westminster and monitored traffic as random phone users hooked up to the network on the fly. With the hotspot connected to his laptop, Steglich was able to see all of the users’ unecrypted data and was able to nick their usernames and passwords, giving him access to to their private accounts.
When the dodgy hotspot was positioned outside the Queen Eliabeth II Conference Centre, right next to the Houses of Parliament, it took just ten minutes to gather a handful of unwitting surfers. In half an hour, 250 devices connected to the network, most of them automatically, while 33 active users used the dodgy connection to transmit data.
Read more: http://recombu.com/mobile/news/f-secure-unsecure-wifi-network-security-risk-crime_M20882.html
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