How good customers work with good companies

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About Us

Customer Commons’ mission is to give all the world’s customers full power when dealing with business—for the good of both.

It will do that seven ways:

  1. Through CustomerCons—events where customers host the companies they care about—starting online, but eventually in the physical world as well.
  2. Through as many commons as there are companies willing to be helped by their customers.
  3. By serving as a the place where customers’ own terms and privacy policies can be sourced, much as Creative Commons serves the same purpose for artists’ copyright licenses.
  4. By fostering solutions to business problems only customers can solve, and that work at scale from the customers’ side.
  5. By building a worldwide membership association representing all the world’s customers.
  6. By working collaboratively with other .orgs with adjacent missions, starting with MyData and the Me2B Alliance.
  7. And by tellling stories about how customers and companies work together—through podcasts and other media.

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