Exit the Internet’s mega-highways and take the Byway to wherever you want to go. Proffer your own terms, explore a revitalized digital commercial landscape, and keep your whereabouts to yourself.

Get online on your terms.

For independent-minded individuals, the Intention Byway is a route to greater autonomy and productivity. Designed as a way for people to manage their lives online–free from coercive practices such as algorithmic tracking, surveillance, and unfair service contracts–the Byway offers alternative solutions that simplify and amplify our online experience.

Identity. Logins and passwords are burdensome leftovers from the last millennium. There should be (and already are) better ways to identify ourselves, and to reveal to others only what we need them to know. Working on this challenge is the SSI—Self-Sovereign Identity—movement. The solution here for individuals is tools of their own that scale.

Pricing and Payments. For demand and supply to be truly balanced, and for customers to operate at full agency in an open marketplace (which the Internet was designed to be), customers should have their own pricing gun: a way to signal—and actually pay willing sellers—as much as they like, however they like, for whatever they like, on their own terms. There is already a design for that, called Emancipay.

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