This is where Customer Commons hosts first party terms individuals can proffer in dealing with sites and services.

These terms will be linkable (and sourced for use) by code in browsers and apps. Sites and services can agree to those terms automatically through their CRM, CX or other systems for engaging individuals. The model for this is Creative Commons, which plays the same role for copyright licenses. Here is a list of Creative Commons licenses.

Our first term is P2B1(beta).

In summary form, it says “don’t track me off your site, and don’t let others track me on your site or anywhere else.” For readers wishing to help keep publishers alive it says, “just show me ads not based on tracking me.” The first publisher committed to accepting this term is Linux Journal, which it explains here.

The larger purpose of this term is to bring the whole marketplace into compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other enlightened regulations. And we expect it will.