All loyalty programs in business are coercive, with the purpose of capturing the customer.

Genuine loyalty goes the other way. It’s what a customer feels about the companies and brands she deals with.

The richness of ties between customers and companies can be far larger if there are standard instruments for expressing and leveraging customer loyalty, in the customers’ hands, and operating at scale for every customer.

With instruments of true loyalty in customers’ hands, companies can deal in standard ways as well. They do this already with browsers, email and phone. No reason why there shouldn’t also be an equally standard tool for making true loyalty work between customers and companies, and demand and supply in the marketplace..

The current plan is for Customer Commons (CuCo) to issue a CuCo ID on the (nonprofit) Sovrin network in the form of a (truly†) My Loyalty Card. This ID will come with a CuCo specific trust framework (basically, a set of terms, along with the other general trust framework that relates to Sovrin).

This is an ID that carries as expression of autonomy, can be a single sign-on with retailers that she choose to grace with real loyalty that also serves as a productive way to get along. As it scales up and becomes standard, it will also help make clear the value of customers as first parties, and finding aggregate power as well.
† Corporate use of the first person singular possessive pronoun my on behalf of individuals is both false and insulting: talking to adults as if they were babies. Individuals need to re-take my for themselves again.