Ello founder Paul Budnitz: America is a ‘car crash’ on privacy

“Americans have a healthy stupidity. That lack of sophistication is a secret superpower,”- Paul Budnitz, founder of ElloSupporters cast shadows on a US flag as they cheer for John McCain at a campaign rally in Pottsville, Pennsylvania
The boss of Facebook’s newest rival tells Katherine Rushton why the time is right for a social network which does not manipulate its users.
“Those social networks used to be fun but they became cluttered and full of ads,” Budnitz says. “I couldn’t find my friends through all these sponsored posts. It’s like us having this conversation and an ad popping up every 30 seconds or so. It feels violating, right?”
He also worried that Facebook was collecting so much data, constructing a persona based on small nuggets of information revealed though every interaction on the network. In his case, though, it was off beam: “For some reason Facebook started to think I am this middle-aged woman. I was getting ads for pumps and woman’s underwear and the whole thing.”
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