The self-styled ‘cyber warrior’ who spread hacked photos of naked celebrities viewed 250m times by Reddit users – and is now complaining HIS privacy has been invaded

Man who posted naked celebrity pictures on Reddit is now complaining about his Privacy being invaded!

'I've done nothing wrong': Meneses defended his role in spreading the hacked pictures of celebrities clicked on an 250m times on Reddit through The Fappening sub-Reddit that he started

The man who broadcast dozens of stolen celebrity nude photos to hundreds of millions of people around the world told MailOnline: ‘If people want to call me a hero or a cyber warrior then I’m not going to stop them’.

John Randall Meneses, from Las Vegas, said ‘I’ve done nothing wrong’, despite his role in spreading the extremely graphic and personal stolen pictures of 101 celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst.

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