Fitness trackers are changing online privacy — and it’s time to pay attention

Hackers can access your personal data through your fitbit!
12 steps you can take to protect your identity while using a personal fitness tracker.

Throughout the history of technology, few sectors have expanded and evolved as rapidly as today’s burgeoning wearable tech market. Piles of unique and unusual, flashy and fancy—often goofy and gimmicky—new wearables are announced every week. There are smartwatches, smartglasses, intelligent socks and “onesies” for infantsrings for public transit payments and even “wearable tattoos.”

One reason the category is growing so quickly is the fact that it’s incredibly broad. There’s no set definition for what constitutes a wearable today. It’s any sorts of gadget that you wear, carry (in some cases) or have implanted or otherwise attached to your body.
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