Proof of Facebook’s Privacy Problem: Mark Zuckerberg’s Private Friends List

A Facebook Privacy Loophole!
People can see your friends even if your list is Private if one of your friends is not Private.
Read this to see Mark Zuckerberg’s friends even though his list is Private!

Your Facebook friends list, as Mashable revealed last week, is not as private as it claims to be. Setting your list privacy to “Only Me” doesn’t actually mean that nobody can see who you’re connected to, because there’s a loophole anyone can exploit.
The loophole comes in the shape of Facebook’s mutual friends feature. Any user can see the mutual friends between any two other users, so long as one of them has a publicly available friends list. So if you keep your friends list private, but your best friend doesn’t, a third party could compare your two lists, and voilà — they’d be able to see all the friends the two of you have in common.
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