When your boss turns into Big Brother, surveillance has grave consequences

Forced to work for FREE because she logged on to Facebook for 10 minutes during work hours.  This is crazy!

I was unjustly asked to work for free after my employer caught me briefly logging in on Facebook. Our laws aren’t particularly helpful when it comes to employer surveillance.
A couple of years ago, I found myself doing unpaid work, giving up my Saturday night with television and pad thai to stuff envelopes and check in guests instead.
I wasn’t doing volunteer work, or one of those bizarre internships where you run free errands for a billion-dollar shoe company in the hopes of climbing the corporate ladder. I was asked to work for free because I got caught accessing Facebook on the company computer during work hours. On my day off, my boss had accessed my internet browser history and printed out the evidence of my cardinal sin. She threatened to sue me for “stealing” company time unless I worked the following week, unpaid.
Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/feb/17/when-your-boss-turns-into-big-brother-surveillance-has-grave-consequences
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